About Us

A female dominated class located in Philadelphia. We offer group and private bookings. "TwerkNWine" is a beginner/intermediate dance class. Our instructor provides step-by-step routines that centralizes on twerking. 


"TwerkFit" which we also call our Booty Camp. This class shifts the focus away from dancing and incorporates fitness routines (booty workouts). Our goal is to help build and tone the booty you've always wanted. 

Meet The Staff
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Deanna Marie

"My name is Deanna and I am the Owner/Founder of TwerkNWine Philly. I started this movement in June, 2017. I offered to teach a twerk inspired routine for a workout class to see if it was something that I would enjoy. I enjoyed it so much I wanted to continue this journey because the amount of support I received was amazing!!!I My mission is to bring the SEXY, SEDUCTIVE, CAPTIVATING look out of women. Wear your confidence on your sleeve and the world will respect you and whatever you do! So grab a glass, and shake some a$$ because TwerkNWine is here to stay!

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I'm Turquoise and I've been involved in gymnastics and dance classes since I was 6 years old. My skills overtime have evolved. I am the instructor of our newest class "TwerkFit". It was designed to empower women, boost their confidence and help women achieve physical results through a series of fun and intense twerking, dancing and boot camp exercises. I'm a health coach with Herbalife Nutrition and has a strong enthusiasm for fitness and nutrition and, I enjoy helping others find success living a healthy active lifestyle.

Fun Facts I'm Puerto Rican, Black, and Irish, I have 10 sisters and brothers, and I am afraid of spiders!

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